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Friendly Conversation


"The relationship has been solidified by their ability to be very attentive to all of our needs…including timeliness of filling our staffing requests, the nature in which they screen their employees, their proactive approach to delivery of those individuals personally to insure that they are aware of each ones’ attendance (which in turn results in their knowledge of needed replacements prior to our exposure), and dedication that spans across clocks and calendars."


Operations Manager

"Thank you much for your help. You guys are amazing!."

Gustavo Velasquez

USA Director of Warehousing

"From the top of the organization down all of their employees seem to be dedicated, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.  I highly recommend them in your company’s pursuit in finding the right staffing partner."


Operations Manager

"Our experience with Infinity Staffing has been a very positive one. They are a very quick on their responses to questions, hires, and requests. Infinity Staffing helps us meet and exceed the expectations of our customers every day."


Regional HR Director

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